How to use auto vibrating contact lens cleaner

Aleksandra Sonecka 07/12/2013 0

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Take the cleaner and lens case apart. Open the case and put in mulipurpose solution.

Put in the lens and close the cap tightly. Place the case onto the cleaner and press „start” let it clean for 3 minutes.

The surfaces of the lenses are cleaned completely by the vibrated cleaning method.

Press the button to stop. Take the lens case out of the cleaner.

Replace the old MPS with new MPS and keep lenses in the case, or wear the lenses after clearly rinse by MPS.

How do you like this? Isn’t it simple? The combination of cleaner and design, IPOOL!

No more rubbing your lenses so that it can reduce damages to the surface of the lenses. With this simple cleaning method, it can keep your eyes healthy.

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